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HC- Getting It Done

HC- Getting It Done

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Getting It Done, the  30 day Guided Journal is the  perfect tool for anyone looking to take a journey towards a happier and more fulfilled self. Our journal is designed to inspire mindful living and encourage you to take a moment each day to pause, reflect, and express yourself.

Our thought-provoking prompts will guide you through daily reflections, helping you to gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts and emotions. Each day provides a new prompt, ensuring that you stay focused on your self-healing and discovery journey.

Our journal is more than just a simple writing tool. It enables a holistic approach to your personal growth, as it encourages you to take a step back and reflect on your daily life. By using our journal, you will gain the clarity and focus you need to create positive changes in your life.

Whether you are looking to get focused, stay focused, or simply want to explore your inner self, our journal is the perfect companion for you. So why wait? Start your journey towards a happier and more fulfilled you today with our 30 Day Guided Journal!

  • (1) intro page

  • 105 Pages total

  • Approx. 6"x9"

  • 105

  • Weekly quotes

  • Daily prompts



    We are an eco-conscious company that prints as needed, and as a result, your order will take about two weeks to be fulfilled. Thank you for patience.

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