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Dancing Toward Mindfulness & Inclusivity

Dancing Toward Mindfulness & Inclusivity

Dancing Toward Mindfulness & Inclusivity is a teacher workbook that provides 10 best practices for a dance education classroom.

This book is designed to help you create a safe, inclusive, and engaging learning environment for your students. It includes practical strategies for developing mindfulness in the classroom and working towards a more equitable and inclusive dance education experience. With this book, you can learn how to create a culture of respect, acceptance, and kindness in your dance class.

 As an avid journaler, I began to notice some repetition of ideas/practices that worked in my classrooms. This book is a cohesive collection of thoughts from the pages of my journals presented as 10 of my best practices. 


💫 The 10 practices are broken into 3 sections:

  • The Practice

  • The Explanation of the Practice

  • Getting Clarity, guiding questions to help dig a little if/when you're ready

  • Wholesale pricing is only honored for orders of 10 or more. 


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