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Successfully Failing

Time for a mind-shift...

Even in failure, there is a lesson.

Let the discomfort of the failure inform your process/perspective.

Base your next step on your new perspective.

My eyes were burning, and my bed was filled with books and articles, but I was determined to create something amazing. It turned out amazing...amazingly awful. What's the saying: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance, well my planning was far from proper. My failure to plan translated to late nights, early morning, and product that was not polished enough for people to appreciate it. I take pride in offering my students what they want, so I was more than elated when they asked to take a deeper dive into the history of a dance form. My epic failure was the result of a lack of direction.

In this experience, I acted out of emotion and neglected logic. I was so nervous about not meeting my student's expectations that I moved from a place of fear. This fear lead me down an unrealistic road without a map. As a middle school educator, I learned that mapping out my objectives offered or at least gave me a few destinations along the journey. These destinations offered me some ordinance so that I would know if I was headed in the right direction towards the goal. Here is what I learned from my epic failure:

My previous strategy of unit planning only needed up an update to be more reflective of the university-level students. Reflection and updating based on reflection is a way more loving process that prevents stagnation and allows space for growth. Moving forward rather than overhaul the process, sometimes I can just make addendums...

Even in failure, there is a lesson. I think of a million plans in a day. And on an amazing day, I might take two steps towards one of those plans. To be honest at times fear of failure has stopped me from taking that next step. But what I’m learning is to use fear of stagnation as a motivator, and to take it one step/ action at a time. I repeat what works and alter what didn’t, helping me navigate my way to my ideal life. Thinking is only part of the process you must take an action if you want to learn/ grown

👀 What action/ step are you taking today? In the words of the ever so delightful Ellen DeGeneres: It is failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.

🔅Even in failure, there is a lesson.

🔅Let the discomfort of the failure inform your process/perspective.

🔅Base your next step on your new perspective.

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