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A picture of Mya D wearing a black top and brightly colored skirt  facing a classroom of students.


Is your dance curriculum engaging and inclusive or struggling to reach students and overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to teach next?

Creating an engaging inclusive dance curriculum doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful 

Mya D. Specialist is here for you Click here to schedule a chat

By the end of this four-month course, you will have the framework and necessary tools to create a completed dance curriculum that contains at least two completed units, both formal and informal assessments, class procedures, and a course syllabus. 

A lack of knowledge is not your problem.

You want happy students that are learning about themselves and others all while learning about dance. You want to teach a curriculum that helps students grow, feel included, and empowered. You want a curriculum that you can actually teach.

In your head, this is a beautiful utopian idea, but in reality, you are overwhelmed and may be confused because you have no idea where to start. 

You spent countless hours searching the internet for easy lessons that you can cut and paste to fit your needs, you might have even considered purchasing a pre-made curriculum and making the adjustments as necessary. 

It’s frustrating and time-consuming and after all that time you still don’t have the curriculum that speaks to you and your students. 

You can have a curriculum you want to teach and feel good about teaching. 

Your teaching style is inside of you and not out on the internet somewhere and that is why the cut paste, patchwork, the process hasn’t worked for you. 

I’ve seen colleagues and other amazing dancers spend their wheels for months struggling and searching and that is why I created this program.

 Apply For The Specialist Program

Over the past few years, I’ve helped several educators create and alter current programs to be more inclusive and culturally relevant while still being aligned with regional educational standards. 

If you are ready to decrease your stress with a curriculum that speaks to your intentions, the student's needs, and educational goal,   Mya D.Specialist is here for you.

No cookie-cutter templates here, only real guidance coaching and support so that you have the necessary tools to create the curriculum of your dreams and the knowledge to repeat again whenever and wherever. Our process includes a combination of group and one on one coaching sessions.  My process uses the principle of Sankofa ( go back and fetch it) as a culturally relevant constructivist model.  That means you build on what you know, using it as a strong individual foundation for your curriculum. 

During the four-month process, we will focus on:

Gaining clarity about the difference between diversity and inclusivity.

Establishing the culture/feel of your ideal class

Creating lessons and units that align with your ideals 

Creating lessons and units that align with standards

Creating course assessments

This course is for: 

Dancers who have taught a dance class.

Dance Educators who want to reach more of their students.

Dance Educators who want to better assess student growth

Dance Educators who with support are ready to build an engaging inclusive curriculum 

Dance Educators who can dedicate 5 hours a week 

Dance Educators can dedicate four months to building an engaging inclusive curriculum. 

This course is not for: 

Dancers who have never taught a dance class.

Dance Educator who want to buy a dance curriculum.

Dance educators only looking for lesson plans

Dance educators looking for a self-paced online course 

Dance Educators who lack the focus, and determination to finish a four-month commitment

Ready to join and learn more click here

How we get it done 

Our process includes : 

Ten group coaching sessions

Two one on one coaching sessions

Access to templates and other resources

Assistance with the creation of the syllabus

Assistance with curriculum mapping

Assistance with the creation of course units/modules

Assistance with creation of course assessments

We use a community-oriented approach 

In our live group coaching sessions, I share information, tools, and resources for your curriculum development.  

These live interactive sessions allow you to ask questions and get feedback in real-time. 

After the calls, you will complete a task related to the call and be one step closer to your completed curriculum/ framework.

You will also have two individual one on one sessions just to dive a little deeper into your individual ideas or concerns

You will describe the type of experience you want your students to experience in your course and the setting where the course will happen

 Next, I will help you  Map out the journey students will take during their time with you.

Ways to Track their progress will be the next place I assist you.

Lastly, we Scan your framework to make sure we’ve included as many voices/ perspectives as possible to better serve your students. 

Teamwork makes the dream work, this is not a self-paced online course. During the coaching process, we will work both together in real-time and with some asynchronous tasks

At the end of this four-month course, you have a complete dance curriculum/ framework, the clarity and confidence to continue building, revising the curriculum, and the knowledge of how to independently create an entire new one for any other institution you join in the future.  

If by the end of this course,  you have attended all calls and adequately completed all tasks in a timely fashion per my request, and do not have the framework and necessary tools to create a completed dance curriculum that contains a minimum of two completed units, both formal and informal assessments, and a course syllabus  I agree to work with you for an additional two months at no additional charge 


If you made it this far because you are tired of being overwhelmed, confused,  and feeling alone.

Tired of trying to make 100 units to covers it all

Tired of reading and watching everything you can get your hands on.

You are ready for a community-oriented approach to building your engaging curriculums

Join the Specialist Program 

Here's what others are saying about my work

"Just reading through the subtitles you added for class 1 and wanted to say these are fantastic. "The body as an archive of experiences", Embodied History as Performance Text - I want to take your class"

"Mya has the ability to connect with each and every one of her students no matter what their ability, experience, or identity may be. She is very encouraging, gives insightful feedback to each individual student and to the class as a whole, has the ability to pass on her vast knowledge and insight about tradition while still maintaining cohesion and flow, and her energy is infectious."

Over the next four months, I will work closely with you providing you with tools, resources and guidance so that you can build an inclusive diverse dance curriculum for a K-12 setting. 

Teamwork makes the dream work, this is not a self-paced online course. During the coaching process, we will work both together in real-time and with some asynchronous tasks.

You will end this program with more confidence & clarity in :

  1. Creating formal and informal assessments

  2. How to write unit plans

  3. Creating a classroom culture

  4. Creating lesson objectives 

  5. Understanding the difference between inclusivity and diversity.

If this sounds good to you click the link below

Appy for the Specialist Program

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